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The world grinds to a halt when they make their appearance. Men desire them and women want to be like them. They are self-confident, sexy and incredibly feminine. These are the women who wear dresses by the young Slovak designer Jana Ľuptáková.

Her new collection will plunge you into the atmosphere of Italian glamour films, celebrating seductive feminine curves and the passion of a never-ending summer’s night. It also serves as an example of how demanding, manual handiwork is becoming more and more popular in Slovakia, and can find its place alongside competition from world-famous names. The women for whom Ľuptáková creates clothes are born divas, who are not afraid to highlight their femininity and gracefully stand up to the cult of thin models breathing down our necks on all sides. One of these women, to whom Ľuptáková wants to pay tribute, is the Slovak actress, singer and last but not least, delightful woman Barbora Žilecká, the face of the whole campaign. The editorial by Alexandra Hrašková which you can read on the following pages is a perfect exaltation of the brand’s mission

Text: Veronika Ohrádková
Foto: Alexandra Hrašková

Model: Barbora Žilecká
Makeup a hair: Lubica Orolínová

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