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The autumn winter 2017-18 collection of evening gowns is a perfect example of personified elegance, femininity and noblesse. At first glance seductive and daring, but with the sophisticated lace details adding a touch of delicacy and tenderness. It embodies a woman who combines gentleness with sensuality, and whose courage to stand out from the crowd allows her to bloom like a rose. The dresses from the new collection are deliberately concealing … as well as cunningly revealing.

The timelessness of the cuts is preserved with the honest hand-made work, Jana Ľuptáková own stamp of originality. Although a quality finish is an essential feature of her work, she is not afraid to experiment with materials and unusual customer demands. Her autumn collection, dominated by a gentle range of colours, embodies the modern, self-confident woman who wants to stand out and is not afraid of highlighting her feminine curves. They are not just evening gowns; they are dresses which combine craft skills with a timeless design, turning each woman into a magnificent rosa canina for one night.

Text: Veronika Ohrádková

Foto: Alexandra Hrašková

Model: Barbora Krcmarova

Makeup and hair: Zuzana Kiapešová

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