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The delicate dresses of your dreams hand-made in Slovakia? The autumn collection by the young designer Jana Ľuptáková is a perfect example! It’s the story of a modern Alice in Wonderland, with a hint of sophistication and noblesse. Ľuptáková is proof that good, honest hand-made work hasn’t disappeared, but is blossoming. This can be seen in the quality of the materials she works with, such as viscose lace, silk, cotton satin. One of the collection’s most striking garments is the unusual lace mid-length wedding dress, a perfect example of the harmony between gentleness and a sexy, glamourous look. All the dresses are accessorised with hand-made “Design by Arianna” jewellery. Be inspired!


Text: Veronika Ohrádková

Foto:Alexandra Hrašková

Model: Majka Hašková

Makeup: Zuzana Kiapešová

Hair: Michaela Čomajová

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